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What is Helix Personas?

Helix Personas is a geo-digital psychographic segmentation. Combining location, demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours and values, Helix reveals who your real customers are, and tells you where and how to reach them. It allows advertisers to target the same group of consumers across a wide variety of channels including digital, outdoor, mobile as well as traditional media. See more

Helix now available

Helix launches in Indonesia. 42 Personas and 6 Communities now describe the Indonesian consumer. Who they are, where they are, what they do, the media they consume and most importantly what they buy. Helix is available to Village level (77,000). Select Indonesia from the country menu.

Browse the Communities

  • 100 Leading Lifestyles

    High-earning, professionals, technology adopters and fashion conscious families in urban areas.

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  • 200 Metrotechs

    Highly educated, young, optimistic, socially progressive and tech-savvy urban dwellers.

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  • 300 Today's Families

    Educated, young families with above average incomes living in urban areas.

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  • 400 Indonesian Achievers

    A mix of students and families. Attracted to new things and aspiring to improve their lives.

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  • 500 Getting By

    Traditional and more conservative families who are struggling to make ends meet.

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  • 700 Rural Lifestyle

    Rural Indonesians covering a diverse range of incomes, attitudes and values.

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