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About Helix Personas Indonesia

Helix Personas is a unique and powerful consumer segmentation and data integration tool that combines sophisticated psychographic and behavioural data to classify the Indonesian population into 42 Personas and 6 Communities using a combination of Roy Morgan Single Source data and third party data sources.

This information is used to understand future buying intentions and media consumption patterns that can be easily integrated with 3rd party datasets such as;

  • Customer data warehouses
  • Cookie pools
  • Media trading systems
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)

This provides the ability to more efficiently plan and buy media against target audiences, optimise catchment areas and develop highly relevant, tailored marketing and consumer communication strategies across all forms of media; digital, direct, broadcast, print and ambient.

How to increase your prospects with Helix Personas

Mapping Availability

The mapping functionality is no longer available within this website. For any questions or assistance, please contact Roy Morgan Research on (+61) 3 9629 6888.

What is Helix Personas?

.Helix Personas is a geo-digital psychographic segmentation. Combining location, demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours and values, Helix reveals who your real customers are, and tells you where and how to reach them. It allows advertisers to target the same group of consumers across a wide variety of channels including digital, outdoor, mobile as well as traditional media. See more

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