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500 Getting By

501 Working Parents

Older and married with children, professionals not confident in the economy.

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Outer suburb mid-life families, long working hours in skilled/semi-skilled jobs to pay for private education for children.

501 Working Parents

Older and married with children, professionals not confident in the economy.

  • Population2.8m
  • % of Population1.7%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.1m

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Working Parents, predominantly older than 35, married, and living in medium-sized households with children. Earning below-average personal and household incomes from their jobs or businesses, they’re generally satisfied with their current jobs but don’t feel financially stable as they’re overwhelmed by their expenses.

Walk with Me

Life isn’t easy. But I’m grateful for what I have. A small business, a happy family, no bosses and customers who keep coming back. As a bonus Iman and I spend most of our time together as well. I believe good comes out of bad. When Iman’s father died suddenly, we sold his paddy fields. But we kept the little house. With the modest money in hand we started the warung behind the Telkom Building in Bandung. All through the day the hundreds of staff come down for snacks, for lunch, for coffee. I’m happy to make others happy. And when somebody says they like my cooking it makes my day.

Iman does all the cutting - the meats, the vegies – and the serving. I do all the cooking. And at the end of the day we both do the cleaning and shutting the warung. Iman is also my driver. We count our money and then jump on the motorcycle home. Business is good. It doesn’t go up or down. We like the way our life is.

After a hard day’s work and the long ride home there’s always the children and the homework to take care of. Six days a week, there’s not much time for anything else. Sunday is the family day and we usually spend it with our neighbours watching all the children play in the kampung

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