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500 Getting By

503 Making Ends Meet

Older, cautious about new things and traditional attitudes.

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Large young families, one parent working skilled job while the other looks after the kids, renting in cheap metro areas.

503 Making Ends Meet

Older, cautious about new things and traditional attitudes.

  • Population14.9m
  • % of Population9.3%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 1.9m

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A mixture of younger and older families, Making Ends Meet live up to their name, and do not have it easy financially. They need their jobs so they work hard at it. Home is important, so is security. They like things to stay the same, change isn’t an excitement they’re after. They enjoy life day by day, not sure what the future holds. New experiences are welcome, not unpleasant surprises. Environmentalist at heart, re-cycling is important in their everyday lives. A visit with the neighbours next door, a shared rendang and many a laugh make memorable evenings.

Walk with Me

We have a pretty full-on day planned today. This morning, I’ll go down to the local hardware store. I need to paint the bathroom. It’s cheaper if I fix the hole in the wall myself than hiring someone and paying him Rp 500,000 I don’t have. I’m also keen to take the kids to watch the soccer match this afternoon. Hopefully our local team wins.

After the game I’ll probably drop the boys off back at home, and go to the warung for coffee and a smoke with the gang. I’m looking forward to another round of chess. I have got to beat Lukman this time.

Ningsih, the wife, has started going to the pasar at night to get cheaper groceries in order to cut down on how much we’re spending on food. She’s also started up a little vegetable garden to help out. Good on her I think: it’d be dead in a week if I looked after it.

I’m not looking forward to next week — the warehouse has got to be stacked with the harvest coming in. It’ll be long days for my brother and me. And my sinus will go berserk. But it’s that time of the year when we make good money.  

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