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500 Getting By

504 Budget Lifestyles

Younger families with busy lifestyles and a more traditional outlook.

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Well educated, suburban, confident home owners. Mid-life families working fulltime with high home value.

504 Budget Lifestyles

Younger families with busy lifestyles and a more traditional outlook.

  • Population2.0m
  • % of Population1.2%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 1.9m

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Emerging Indonesians, young parents, Budget Lifestyles would rather be prudent and cautious with their below-average income than work more in order to earn potentially more. Budget Lifestyles have sourced stress-free and undemanding employment not far from home. They are socially conservative, technologically clued-up and concerned predominantly by issues of direct personal and financial relevance like living costs.

Walk with Me

I live in a little village 40 kms outside of Surabaya. A few of my friends have been working on the construction of the new port at Gresik. When I knocked down their suggestion to join the gang, everybody was surprised. That’s because I have a little secret of my own. Surabaya has grown into Indonesia’s No. 2 city, a booming metro that’s just as congested as the Jakarta I saw last year. Nobody quite understands how the humble ojek driver – now the trendy Gojek driver – is making more money than his old friends are at the port! Every morning I’m under the tree near Surabay Shangrila. I’m now making as much money as the Bluebird fare from Point A to Point B. That’s because I get paid to move people quickly, so they’re not late for their meetings. 

Every other day a man in a tie will jump on behind me. Last week, there was a bule in a suit! So I’m getting paid as much as the taxi ride but I don’t spend very much on fuel. Or maintenance. I’m on two wheels not for. I put in a 10 hour day, six days a week, I think I make more than most of the passengers I cart around in this crazy city. So that’s my little secret. Only Fauziah knows the truth. She’s happy because she doesn’t have to look for a job anymore. The kids are going to school, we’re paying all the bills and I’m my own boss.

On Sunday dangdut singer Musdalifah will be performing at the Surabaya stadium. I’ve planned this surprise: lunch at Sederhana, then a lazy time Surabaya zoo, and dangdut in the evening for the whole family. It’ll be a little crowded, four of us on the motorbike but we’ll cope. We’ve done it before. Next Sunday is a Djarum league match. I’ve got to ask the boys who’s playing who?

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