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500 Getting By

505 Conservative Fringe

Older families earning low income, not confident and very traditional outlook.

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Low income young families or unemployed students still at home, inner suburbs.

505 Conservative Fringe

Older families earning low income, not confident and very traditional outlook.

  • Population5.3m
  • % of Population3.3%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 1.9m

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Comprised mainly of Sundanese families, often with grown-up kids still living at home, Conservative Fringe individuals are usually aged between 25 and 49, with very low incomes. Not surprisingly, they don’t feel particularly financially stable and are worried about interest rates.  Well over half of them are currently unemployed, while those who do work are likely to be in transport or warehouses.  Compared to other groups in the Getting By community, Island Culture has a high proportion of singles.

Walk with Me

I’ve worked at the blast furnace at the Krakatau Steel factory for more than 20 years. I have moved ladles of hot iron, moved flaming red ingots of steel but I’ve never had an accident. I was trained well and I make sure my staff are equally well trained. We all have families to look after so “safety first” is more than a slogan.

I grew up in a large family all under one roof. Today I’m the Bapak. It’s a responsibility I take seriously. It’s not just about bringing money home every month but it’s important to know that the grandkids have a good understanding of our place in society. I take them to Friday prayer. I talk to them about right and wrong. Our family is very similar to our neighbors. We have been friends for generations and share the same values. It’s sad to see how the world labels Islam. Why don’t they understand the pain and anger we feel every time we see a picture of Palestinains suffering year after year. It is the kind of pain that tests our faith but makes us stronger in the end.

On weekends we go very often to Pelabuhan Ratu. Sometime we stay overnight with my brother and his family in their fishing village. My son, his wife and their kids all love the joy rides on his boat. The picnic lunch on the beach brings 4 generations together. At their age my parents are better off by the seaside where the air is so much cleaner.

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