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400 Indonesian Achievers

402 Domestic Jugglers

Young students and their parents, interested in socialising and technology.

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Mid-life households, proud of their home which they generally own.

402 Domestic Jugglers

Young students and their parents, interested in socialising and technology.

  • Population2.4m
  • % of Population1.5%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 3.1m

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Domestic Jugglers are full of hope, looking to create better lives without taking anything or anybody for granted. Young people looking for a brighter future, with confidence. Family is important but so is the individual spirit. 

Walk with Me

I’ve just dropped off my husband Ucok at the train station. We’ve just been married 7 months now. By the time he gets back we’ll have had dinner and it’ll be my job to heat his meal for him. But now it’s time for my sister, Sita and I to head off to Medan’s one and only Matahari dept. store where we work as Sales girls. I’m in cosmetics and she’s in home wares. So I get to look more beautiful than she does. We often joke about it. She says I look like a tart and I say she looks like a frying pan. She flattens her nose every time I say that. It’s not often we get to have lunch together because the timing never works out quite right. But we’re lucky. Even though we’re sisters we get to work together and live under the same roof. She often does the cooking when we get home because she’s a better cook than I. And Mama is getting older. So I do the shopping after work but Sita remembers to stuff money in my bag when we come out of the supermarket.

It hasn’t been easy since Ayah died but Mama was happy to see another man in the house when Ucok moved in with us. I’m so glad he didn’t make a fuss, he is not macho or stupid either. This weekend his parents are coming to visit. But I’m working this Saturday and Sita’s spending her day off with her boyfriend. Or should I say man-friend? He’s older than her, quite a bit older. They met over a dinner set. I’m not so sure of his intentions but she seems very keen on him. I hope its him and not his flashy car that she’s keen on. We’ll see, time will tell.

I think I’ll cook on Sunday, just to impress the in-laws. It’s cheaper than taking them out.

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