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400 Indonesian Achievers

403 Done Good

Single or young families, attracted to new things.

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Well educated, above average income, fulltime working and confident couples/married.

403 Done Good

Single or young families, attracted to new things.

  • Population1.7m
  • % of Population1.1%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 1.9m

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Done Good are hardworking, down to earth folks who appreciate the simple pleasures of life.  Living in mostly rural and suburban areas of Central Java. They like the work they do, but no one ever seems to quite realise just how hard and how many hours they work. 

Walk with Me

I finished school but never made it to university. With both parents struggling to pay the bills I couldn’t ever think about it. Neither could my older brother, Mas Bambang. My husband Mas Sito drops me off at the shop that I run in the village every morning. The old owner died and his son lives in Solo. So I’ve been hired to look after it. After dropping me off Mas Sito then drops Bayu, our son 7-year old son, at his school. Mas Sito works at the Sunan’s Palace in Surakarta, at the administration office, so he has to be there bright and early… that’s why the people in our village call me Ratu.

I run the only shop that sells everything we need in the kampong, shampoo, toothpaste, cooking oil, snacks…. I go to the city once a week to replenish my stocks. It’s also our family day out. McDonald’s for Bayu. I often wonder which of the two boys enjoy the treat more! The McFlurry is a favourite for both of them.

I take a taxi back with all the supplies and the boys go off fishing at the one lake we have nearby. It’s not often they’re lucky but sometimes I get to make some ikan emas bakar.

When Mas Sito’s mother finally passed away last year, life got so much harder for the old man. He can barely hear a thing but he’s glued to the TV all day. I often wonder how he understands what the news anchor is saying. He hasn’t lost his sense of humour though. As if he can read my mind, he says “I get the picture”. Mas Sito gets home earlier than me. It’s good to see the three men in the family together when I get home. Of all the snacks I bring back the pisang goreng is most welcome. That’s when they flick the channel from news to my favourite sinetron.

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