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400 Indonesian Achievers

404 Family First

Living with parents or as young families, tech savvy, in urban areas.

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Suburban separate house, well educated married/couples working fulltime, earning average income.

404 Family First

Living with parents or as young families, tech savvy, in urban areas.

  • Population1.6m
  • % of Population1.0%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.8m

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Family First - the closest to the Indonesian norm on matters of lifestyle, opinions and behaviours. The persona embraces skilled and semi-skilled workers, office workers and labourers, working their full eight hours a day, and sometimes more whenever there’s an opportunity. They are split between leaders and followers, conservative and progressive, trendy and trend-ambivalent, success-seekers and comfort-seekers, risk-takers and the risk-averse. Family First are the rice and curry of Indonesia’s new middle class. The middle of the middle class.

Walk with Me

Life in Purwokerto is getting better. I’ve seen the changes in the last 10 years. The big mall, the convenience stores, the fast food restaurants. It’s as if my children are growing into a new Indonesia. There’s life beyond Jakarta, and I’m the living proof. We don’t just have a KFC, we do home delivery as well. And I’m one of the shift managers at the 24-hour home delivery center.  

Nani and I have two little kids. So it’ll be a while before we can even think of a second income. Every chance I get I’m happy to work overtime and earn the extra hours, even on weekends. We both look tired in the evenings, but we’re happy. The kids are a joy. It’s funny how the two are so true to their gender. Little Tommy always salutes the uniformed men at the local RT post and three-year old Tami loves making tea in her little plastic cups. We look at them sleeping while we watch TV with the sound turned down. The news from around the country is often disturbing but the signs of progress are so visible everywhere. We’re determined they will go to university in Semarang. So I understand the effort Nani makes with Tommy’s homework even though he’s just in third grade. If he keeps saluting maybe he’ll be a general one day! In the meantime I look forward to our Sunday soccer with the other little boys on our street. I mean soccer on our street! That’s one thing that hasn’t changed since I was his age.

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