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100 Leading Lifestyles

104 Status Matters

Young families, tech-savvy, fashionable with social attitudes

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104 Status Matters

Young families, tech-savvy, fashionable with social attitudes.

  • Population766k
  • % of Population0.5%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 3.5m

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Status Matters are nouveau nerds: high-earning, career-oriented young parents working in specialised scientific and technological fields. These digitally connected citizens have settled quickly down into marriage, parenthood and mortgages. Despite very high consumer confidence, many are dissatisfied with current job opportunities. These are predominantly Java, more western Java.

Walk with Me

I’m addicted to shopping deals, I have to say. I have a sale alert on my phone for anything by Zalora. You can buy everything online so much cheaper, not just clothes. Our upstairs TV came from BliBli deal that went into my phone’s Facebook feed and I just clicked ‘buy’ during a meeting! It was only Rp 3,000,000, normally Rp 4,000,000. 

I’ve just recently become branch manager of BRI in Serang. And my husband, Sutrisno is an operations manager at the local Telkom office. We got married after Sutrisno got his job and started earning good money. Now I earn more though—so he can’t say anything if I go on a spree!

Two years ago we bought a brand new house in this new gated community. I got a good loan from the bank. It’s a fair drive to work, and because of Sutrisno’s early starts, I use the Kijang and Sutrisno still uses the motorcycle. I’d rather not be driving alone every day, but I’ve got the radio to keep me company.

My boss is coming in from Jakarta on Monday, I’d better get my hair done this weekend!

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