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105 Financial Freedom

Work focussed, tech savvy families who like to travel and play sport.

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105 Financial Freedom

Work focussed, tech savvy families who like to travel and play sport.

  • Population4.5m
  • % of Population2.8%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 3.3m

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Financial Freedom are more than comfortable. Life hasn’t always been easy, it’s taken a while to get there. Debt has not always been a stranger for the extended family, but life’s good and we are all together now.

Not quite DINK, you could say this is more TRINK: three incomes in the extended family. Many of them are blue collar. Grown up or coming up the hard way. All under one roof, they are a power house together.

Walk with Me

What a difference a third income makes in a large family like ours. Even though my husband Anto had a good job at the leather factory in Bandung we would have struggled when Bapak came of retirement age. He has continued to work while my mother in law has always been a housewife.  Looking back, our first child came too early. It was good we had our second soon after but now that they are 5 and 6 and I’m earning good money as manager at the jeans shop, our family of six is finally free. I’m not sure but I think Bapak borrowed money from his brother when my first child was born. But now that there are three incomes in the house we have nothing to worry about. Bapak says he’s good for another 5 years at the big trucking company where he is the manager of the depot.

Now that things are so comfortable at home Anto and I are both thinking of giving time on Sundays to the local orphanage. It’s nice to be part of a community and be in a position to give something back, whether it’s money or time volunteering at the odd fete. 

Even though Ibu won’t let anybody in the kitchen, I think we should get another helper, maybe a cook. It’s time she took life easier than she does. The garden needs attention! And she can make herself useful there instead.

This Saturday we’re going to the big leather goods discount sale at the Hotel Preanger. The leather company that Anto works for is one of the big producers on display. I’m hoping he’ll get me a really good bargain. We’re dragging the kids and the in-laws along and they are looking forward to a dinner at the hotel. Life doesn’t get any better. The big dinner means that Anto and I will need to go for our run on Sunday. No excuses.

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