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206 Big Future

Young, tech-savvy with progressive attitudes.

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206 Big Future

Young, tech-savvy with progressive attitudes.

  • Population4.7m
  • % of Population3.0%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 3.4m

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Spanning Generations X and Y, Big Futures are often married, sometimes with kids, and tend to live in terrace houses. Employed in responsible public and private-sector jobs, they sometimes need to take work home to get it all done. While not earning stratospheric salaries, they’re doing well enough to really enjoy life.

Walk with Me

Both my parents are Sundanese, but we live in Jakarta now. I grew up surrounded by family. Even now Nico, the twins and I go over for a meal most weekends. Mum always over-caters, of course. The kids don't mind - they make the most of the chance to fill up on Nini’s amazing cooking. And to be honest, so do Nico and I!

Dad was a labourer so he’s proud that I’ve done so well. When I graduated there was a huge family celebration; all my uncles, aunts and cousins were there. Back then, I would never have guessed I’d end up working as a Programming Manager for the start-up, but I love it: we really make a difference in the way people plan their travel.

Nico and I are obsessive about paying as much as we can off our KPR — well, not so obsessive we can’t treat ourselves and the kids occasionally. We still go out and have fun, but I’m careful you know. Not everything has to have a designer label. And Mum and Dad help out heaps with babysitting.

Most of my friends live on this side of town which is great. A couple of girlfriends and I do yoga together on Saturday mornings, followed by a big grocery shop at Carrefour. Tonight a bunch of us are going to ‘Yang lebih lumrah’. We’ll kick back with a gourmet picnic while the kids run amuck.

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