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Young, eager for more out of life, tech-eager, ready to move to the city.

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703 Up & Coming

Young, eager for more out of life, tech-eager, ready to move to the city.

  • Population4.3m
  • % of Population2.7%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.3m

Walk With Me


Middle life rural families, from agrarian backgrounds. One of the better educated personas in Rural Living. Both husband and wife earning, they are today living a comfortable busy life in the village. 

Walk with Me

For generations the family has worked the paddy fields that surround our village in North Bali. My father still does. Out at sunrise. Home at sunset. I’m the first very entrepreneur in the village. I started with only four chickens but now I have a grown my business to be a busy little chicken farm. Every day I take my fresh stock to the market. Live chickens in one cage and fresh eggs in another box. Both hanging behind me on a motorcycle.

The bends down the road from the village are good fun but the chicken make a lot of noise as we bump our way down the hill. As long as the tourism business is stable I’m confident I can grow my poultry business. The way it’s going, it’s more work than my wife Rani can handle. My mother helps her but we will need to add some hands from the village if I add another batch of hens.

This Sunday is full moon. It will be good to see the village in our traditional Hindu costumes. The prayers will be at the temple by the beach. They say the bupati is going to join us. He does a good job going from village to village and temple to temple throughout the year. The girls are rehearsing their classical dance. I hear that a special wayang performance will be the highlight of the evening. To be honest I am looking forward to the feast. It’s not often we get the time for a long chat with the boys. The ladies make such an effort to look their best – all for the sake of God they say! From where we sit, we have no reason to complain. 

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