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700 Rural Lifestyle

707 The Bare Nest

Driven by their focus on raising the young, modest homes of farmers and shop owners.

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New Beginnings

707 The Bare Nest

Driven by their focus on raising the young, modest homes of farmers and shop owners.

  • Population2.0m
  • % of Population1.3%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.0m

Walk With Me


These are mostly middle life families with kids growing up. They are poorly educated but strive to do the best for their family. Many of them are stay-at home moms looking after the home and kids, and possibly helping the husband when needed. With loans for their motorcycle or even for everyday needs.

Walk with Me

“Goreng, goreng, pisang goreng!” Starting at 10 in the morning this has been my friendly call to passers-by, for the last ten years. My banana fritters have become quite famous. Every morning I make a little money, catch up with my neighbours, give and take advice, top up the gossip.

Life in our village in Banten is not easy. We open a small warung in front of our house. I look after it while keeping an eye on Sari and Intan. My husband Adi works in the paddy fields owned by his uncle. He doesn’t have any children and considers Adi the son he never had. We recently bought a motorcycle on loan as Adi has to travel quite far to get to the fields. So now he doesn’t have to leave the house so early. He’s not getting any younger, you know! We go to town every two weeks for supplies for the warung. Once a month I also like to buy music tapes. I especially love Indonesian music. We used to take the bus, but now we take the motorcycle.

Sari and Intan go to the local government school in our village. I’m thankful that the school is just a couple of kilometers away, so they walk together with their friends. Adi and I have only finished primary school, so we really hope the girls will at least be able to go to high school. Now with the government’s 12-year compulsory schooling I think they really can.

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