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700 Rural Lifestyle

712 Daily Grind

Battlers of every age, struggling to keep home and family together.

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712 Daily Grind

Battlers of every age, struggling to keep home and family together.

  • Population1.9m
  • % of Population1.2%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 1.9m

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Poorly educated they struggle to make a living. Not owning any land of their own they mostly work as farmer-hands at other people’s farms. Mostly living with the extended family, together earning just enough to survive. Many are housewives who also have no real skill of their own, taking care of the children and tending to the house chores.

Walk with Me

As I sit here in the pouring rain, wet to my bones, I can’t help thinking about my lot in life. It’s the planting season and we made it in the nick of time. If the rain continues the way it has been the worry is that the seedlings will drown. That would simply mean more work and no bonus.

Every day is such a struggle. I go to the paddy fields when the sky is still dark and go home when the sun is down. Fortunately we live with my brothers, Badar and Ibnu and their wives. So together we can make sure our families have enough. The work is very hard, but I don’t have any others skills except working the fields. I barely finished primary school. Same for my brothers.

The only thing I hope is that my son can have a better education than his parents, so that he can make a better living. And maybe take care of us in our old age.

Likes: Cooking, Dangdut, Gardening, Home Furnishing Stores, Competitions, Kerosene Stove, Warung, Sports

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