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300 Today's Families

Educated, young families with above average incomes living in urban areas.

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Young families in the outer suburbs, living up to their above-average incomes. Their beloved gismo-enriched home is the nucleus of their family.

300 Today's Families

Educated, young families with above average incomes living in urban areas.

  • Population32.7m
  • % of Population20.4%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.7m

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Compared to many, Today’s Families have got it good: they’re on relatively good incomes, they send their kids to schools carefully selected and they’re usually first with the latest technologies. But for this community, money’s always an issue: if it’s not loan repayments, it’ll be school fees or some other annoying bill. In fact, if a financial genie granted them a wish, lower cost of living and lower interest rates would top the list.

Home is where the heart is for Today’s Families, and their life revolves around their loved ones and their domestic environment. Even their TV viewing habits reflect this, tending towards family-friendly and home improvement-style programs

Gizmos and gadgets are a common feature of the Today’s Family household: computer gear, home entertainment equipment, mobile devices — after all, the family that plays together stays together!

Likely to live in a newly developed enclave like in Jakarta’s Cilandak, outer suburbs like Bintaro or in bustling satellite cities like Jakarta’s Serpong or Surabaya’s Sidoarjo. Today’s Families are on the road a lot — commuting, ferrying kids around, visiting their folks — but sometimes they wish they were just lying on a bench by the river instead, maybe at grandma’s Rumah Gadang, or one of those Danau Toba villas with all meals served and activities for the kids. Fingers crossed their Bank Mandiri lottery number comes up this week!

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