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300 Today's Families

301 Urban Realists

Married, live on the edge of cities, more conservative attitudes.

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Young families living in a separate house in rural areas.  Generally renting and enjoy entertaining.

301 Urban Realists

Married, live on the edge of cities, more conservative attitudes.

  • Population1.8m
  • % of Population1.1%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.8m

Walk With Me


Not quite the big city, doesn’t mean hick town. Those of us who choose to live in a place like Serang want it all. City lights, without the smoke. The kampung is nearby too, where many of our parents still choose to live. A day in Tangerang would remind us to be grateful for the life we live. And Jakarta? No way!

Walk with Me

There’s a lot of excitement at the office. The boss had gone to Jakarta with the governor to visit the annual Trade Exhibition in Kemayoran. Apparantley one of our ambassadors introduced a group of foreigners who are interested in building small ports. I have worked my way up from foreman at Bojonegara Harbor to Head of Community Relations in this state owned enterprise. Serang has always been my home so I am glad to serve my community on behalf of Banten’s development arm.

A modern port with an industrial estate would change the quality of life for the people of Banten. New businesses would open in the industrial estate, new jobs would be created. We could be a hub for neighbouring provinces in Sumatra.

When I told Siti, she said I had my head in the clouds. The bus ride home was hot and sweaty so I didn’t want an argument. I had a shower and took Lukman for a spin on the motorcycle. At 17 he’s handling it really well. On the way back we stopped at the clinic that our company subsidizes. At 6 in the evening it was full. I’m glad to see one of our major community programs so successful.

Enough for today, enough for the community. Both the boys are hungry so we’re heading home. I’ve got to catch up with the news. The politicians are driving me crazy. I believe in fair play but it’s the rich who should be paying more tax, not us the middle class.

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