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300 Today's Families

302 Career & Kids

Young families focussed on their jobs with progressive attitudes.

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Well educated, younger families working full time and paying off their suburban homes.

302 Career & Kids

Young families focussed on their jobs with progressive attitudes.

  • Population4.0m
  • % of Population2.5%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 3.5m

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Just because they live comfortably and are optimistic about the economy, doesn’t mean Career and Kids are carefree. They’re worried about interest rates, job security and crime causing them to be cautious with their spending. With jobs across the private sector and self-employed, these individuals simply want the best for their family.

Walk with Me

How time flies! It’s been so hectic this past weekend. Taking Dityo to his soccer match and Tya to her guitar lessons, doing the groceries, and preparing for the arisan lunch. It was our turn to host. I think it was a success. The guests loved the food and everyone stayed till late. Even the kids had fun.

The kids are great, but I do worry as a parent in this day and age. They’re both doing well at school and we make sure they get extra lessons. I just hope we’re doing enough to prepare them for what lies in the future.

The kids’extra lessons and other curricular activities cost quite a bit. Thank God we both have good jobs. My husband Tommy is a Sales Executive at a local food manufacturer and I sell insurance. My parents live in Bogor. Although they’re still quite independent they are getting on in years so we visit them often and they love to see their grandkids.

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