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300 Today's Families

303 Looking Good

Young urban families living in semi-detached or terrace houses.

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Young urban families living in separate houses which they are paying off with their above average income.

303 Looking Good

Young urban families living in semi-detached or terrace houses.

  • Population3.9m
  • % of Population2.4%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.1m

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Looking Good has the best of both worlds; a quick zip to the Big City to make money by day and then getting the hell out by going back to the starry nights and frogs croaking in the paddy fields. The kampung is not just a community, it’s a big family

Walk with Me

I was born in this kampung, just 20 minutes away from Semarang. Although I go there every day on work I’ve never had the urge to live there. I prefer star light to neon. My job is to make sure that all the little shops this side of the city have Telkomsel SIM cards. So the HP and the Motor are as important as breathing. I lead a team of 6 and we have a large radius to cover. Another year of this and I will take the job I’ve been promised in the Semarang branch. I will have to move the family but it’s a compromise I’m ready to make since both the kids really deserve a better school.

Shanti won’t mind the change, her life revolves around her little ones. Just the other day when we were talking about this possibility I could see that she was struggling to hide her excitement. “But we love it here” she said. When I reminded her about school in the city I knew I had given her the excuse she wanted to make the change. We’ll miss the village. We’ll miss the community life we lead here but I’m lucky to get this break and we’d be silly to turn the office job down. But we can always come back. We’ll never be far away from the rendang and the dangdut we so much enjoy when the neighbours come over. Maybe they’ll come over to the shows in the city and stay over for weekends.

The soccer matches in the stadium will be another attraction for the whole kampung. And we’ll have a real gym for the first time in our lives.

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