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300 Today's Families

304 On Their Way

Older conservative families with children still living at home.

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Outer suburbs, tech savvy, social, hard working young families.

304 On Their Way

Older conservative families with children still living at home.

  • Population3.0m
  • % of Population1.9%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.5m

Walk With Me


Young couples finding their way through life in the city. Everything’s congested. The working days clash with the working nights. And there’s neither energy nor the desire to go out much. Everybody seems so busy earning a living and hoping that life will get better if we keep on working harder.

Walk with Me

I’ve gone from job to job, first in Depok then to Bogor. And finally now in my 11th year here I am running my first store for Alfamaret in Bekasi. It’s a new store and we’re still finding new customers coming in for the first time, everyday. I’m on my own but it’s good to be the boss in this shiny little shop. Greeting the customers, helping them find what they need, exchanging a story as I fill their bags is all good fun. I’m so glad the computer does all the adding up by itself. I was never good at math.

Soon after we got married Annisa had this ugly incident heading back from the cinema she works at, often at night, she was stopped  by the police they wanted to know who she was, where she was going, why she was out so late at night by herself. It wasn’t enough that she wears a hijab. The bupati is crazy. He heads the city. He should know that many women work to support the family. And not all jobs are 9-5.

It’s a long ride by bus to Pelabuhan Ratu but we’ll make the effort this Saturday. It’s the only day this week our shifts allow us to spend quality time together. Life’s getting better but we both wish it would get better sooner.

All our friends now have kids but we’ve decided to wait a while till we’re more comfortable. 

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