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300 Today's Families

305 Suburban Dwellers

Older families living in outer suburbs, mainly from Java.

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Outer suburbs, tech savvy, social, hard working young families.

305 Suburban Dwellers

Older families living in outer suburbs, mainly from Jawa.

  • Population19.9m
  • % of Population12.4%
  • Monthly HH Exp.Rp 2.6m

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Comfortable, but simple. Suburban dwellers live an uncomplicated life. On the fringe of the big smoke and out in the smaller cities across Java they are hardworking and down to earth. There’s little to complain about but the hopes and aspirations are mostly for the kids. Ready and eager to go to work every day, steady year after year. But they are not what you would call on the go. Excitement is not on the agenda.

Walk with Me

I’m glad I finished school. Even though I head security at IPB Bogor it’s a minimum requirement because it’s an educational institution after all. The agricultural university with all the professors and plants and even the animals makes it a fun place to go to work every day. This is the country’s leading institution in the field. And I feel proud to look after all its assets. Greeting the rector in the morning as he drives in everyday is a pleasure. To hear “Selamat pagi, Tono” is a good way to start my day. Soon I hope Lily will finish school and get accepted here. If she gets a good enough grade I know the rector will do me the favour. With a bit of luck she might win a scholarship!

I need to replace the motorcycle next year but with a loan it’s so easy nowadays. I know the bank likes the sound of “IPB”. Anda, my wife, has her own little business. The SIM card stall at Bogor mall makes her enough money for her shopping and her shoes. I’m glad she doesn’t have to ask me. She’s a good example for our daughter to emulate. She enjoys her independence but I’m lucky it hasn’t made her headstrong. I like going home at the end of the day knowing I’m a lucky man. So are the neighbours. Both my women are good cooks!

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