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At Roy Morgan Research, we’ve long believed that successful market research relies on the goodwill of the public. Protecting the privacy of the people who make our business possible is one way of ensuring ongoing goodwill and is therefore vital to our ongoing business success.

The Privacy Act 1993 is legislation that defines the 12 Information Privacy Principles that govern the way organisations collect, use, protect and disclose personal information.

Roy Morgan Research embraces this Act because it builds on our company objective — to protect the privacy of respondents, clients and other people associated with our company.


Why do we collect information?

The purpose of market research is to gather and present the opinions of the public directly to the people making decisions about goods, services or social policies that touch many aspects of our daily lives.

To enable this to happen, Roy Morgan Research asks members of the public for their opinions on a variety of different issues.

We use data at an aggregate level: that is, we use the combined answers of many people to draw conclusions as to the opinions of broad segments of the population.

Why do we need your personal information?

Sometimes Roy Morgan Research collects 'personal' information from respondents. Most often this is used to verify that the person gathering the information captured respondents’ true and correct opinions. We audit at least 10% of all our interviewers’ work by cross checking with the respondent, to ensure the interview is authentic and the data collected was accurate.

Personal information can also be used to help us gain an accurate picture of what certain groups of people in society think: for example, what percentage of young people takes public transport to work? How could the public transport system be improved to encourage more young people to use it?

Personal information is never passed on to organisations or individuals outside Roy Morgan Research without the consent of the person identified by that information.

How do we protect the data we collect from misuse?

Roy Morgan takes all reasonable precautions to protect information held about people who make our research possible.

All our systems are security protected and all Roy Morgan staff and interviewers must sign a confidentiality agreement upon commencing with the company. Hard copy information is stored securely then destroyed after 18 months.

Access to personal information

Individuals may seek access to and request the correction or deletion of personal information held about them while this information remains identifiable. Please speak to our Privacy officer for further information.

Further information?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Privacy Officer at Roy Morgan Research.

Privacy Officer
Roy Morgan Research
Melbourne, Vic, 3001

Mapping Availability

The mapping functionality is no longer available within this website. For any questions or assistance, please contact Roy Morgan Research on (+61) 3 9629 6888.

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